Matthew Kelly and BGT dancers Flawless are highlights of Wimbledon panto Aladdin

23 Dec


Review: Aladdin at New Wimbledon Theatre

Dictionary compilers may have decided that ‘selfie’ was the word of 2013 but across panto land, the most remarked-upon cultural happening of the past 12 months has surely been twerking.

The phenomenon certainly gets a mention in director Ian Talbot’s Aladdin, which you can still catch at the New Wimbledon Theatre, although the plentiful dance sequences steer clear of Miley Cyrus-style bottom-wiggling in favour of more vigorously athletic and unimpeachably wholesome routines.

These are delivered with real style by acrobatic, body-popping Britain’s Got Talent survivors Flawless and regularly draw ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience.

Wimbledon has a tradition of big-name casting. This year, Jo Brand tops the bill. Her lugubrious stage persona ought to be an incongruous treat in the context of the relentlessly upbeat world of panto but she’s curiously underpowered as the glum, quick-quipping Genie of the Ring.

Fortunately, Matthew Kelly…

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