Rhys Ifans is a menacing presence as rough sleeper Danny in Protest Song

20 Dec


According to Danny, a rough sleeper who keeps all his worldly possessions in an old kit bag, the Square Mile in London is a good place to bed down at night. Or at least it was until the Occupy protesters turned up and pitched their tents there…

Tim Price’s monologue is essentially a religious conversion narrative played out around St Paul’s Cathedral, although the faith Danny discovers is that of the political demonstrators rather than the church establishment.

Polly Findlay’s simple, stripped-back production in the National Theatre’s temporary Shed space boasts a real casting coup in the shape of Rhys Ifans, an electrifying presence who doesn’t have to try too hard to conjure up a sense of anarchy. He arrives muttering incoherently but obscenely, and there’s a whiff of genuine danger when he starts to pester audience members for loose change and their phone numbers. It feels briefly as though…

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