Cabaret Voltaire’s #8385 Collected Works 1983-1985 and Various Artists’ French New Waves: New albums also out

20 Dec


Ferris Bueller was a Cabaret Voltare fan while French New Wave cheered on Hollywood.

Cabaret Voltaire: #8385 Collected Works 1983-1985

5 star rating

Ferris Bueller had a Cabaret Voltaire poster on his bedroom wall but one wonders what he made of their experimental music.

They started off in the mid-1970s as a Dadaist musique concrète trio but this box set documents the second stage of their career, when they signed to Virgin and attempted to move into the mainstream.

Cabaret embraced the world of Fairlight samplers and programmed beats but were held back from a New Order-style breakthrough by their limited melodies. However, their brand of rigorous digital funk still sounds futuristic.

Four LPs are complemented by two live DVDs, two discs of 12in mixes and a film soundtrack; all sound even better than they did 30 years ago.

Various: French New Wave

4 star rating

In the middle years of the last century, jazz enjoyed a…

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