Album reviews: Psapp, Ralph Myerz and Black Hearted Brother

14 Nov


Psapp marry junkyard breakbeats with mournful vocals, Ralph Myerz proves Julie Burchill had a point and Slowdive’s Neil Halstead joins Mark Van Hoen and Nick Holton

Psapp – What Makes Us Glow
4 star rating

This London-based duo have patented a peculiar brand of music that might be described as toytronica – delicate electronic music based around samples of Fisher-Price toys and household detritus.

On Wet Salt they assemble a bossa nova rhythm with what sounds like cutlery and ticking clocks; The Cruel, The Kind & The Bad is a terrifying Brechtian waltz (probably) made from kazoos and cardboard boxes; and That’s The Spirit might have been built with rubber bands and dripping taps.

All the time, these junkyard breakbeats are overlaid with cheap-sounding organs, glockenspiels, ukuleles and toy pianos.

It could sound daft and whimsical but for vocalist Galia Durant, whose beautifully blank voice and mournful lyrics miraculously remove any hint of…

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