Ane Brun: I like looking through dictionaries while writing lyrics

7 Nov


‘As a musician, I really want to do my own thing – I want to go into that introverted place where I’m just me,’ says Ane Brun.

Introverted is certainly a good word to describe the Norwegian singer/songwriter’s magical, pared-down indie-folk, with its delicate, melancholy beauty born of long Scandinavian winters. ‘The music would sound different if I lived in California,’ she laughs.

Brun has spent most of 2013 in retrospective mode, celebrating ten years as a recording artist. In May, she released the 32-track Songs 2003-2013, and followed it last month with Rarities, a collection of hard-to-find and previously unreleased material.

Now she is about to visit Britain as part of her anniversary tour. ‘We’re trying to play music from my whole career but update the sound,’ she says. ‘I play most of the songs people want to hear. I do the hits in my world.’

Brun will be…

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