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31 Oct

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Theatre Review: National Youth Theatre West End Rep Season

Angelo Musco’s Brave Nude World

4 Oct


‘OVUM’ by Angelo Musco. Image courtesy the artist

Given that his photographic bodyscapes can stretch to a length of up to 20 metres, it’s hardly surprising that the shooting and post-production process necessary to create Angelo Musco’s works of vast and surreal beauty should be pretty epic too. Hailing from Naples, Musco was deeply marked by the trauma of his birth. Having spent 11 months in the womb, he suffered paralysis in the right side of his body for the first years of his life; it’s an event that has had a powerful impact on his art making. He is now based in New York, where he makes works of increasing visionary intensity and immense physical and artistic ambition, using the naked human form as his basic brush stroke.

To find out more about Musco’s work, you have some exciting possibilities:

1)   Go and see the premiere of Robert Jason’s documentary about him, Conception, on 14 October at the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center, New York City. You can watch the ‘sizzle’ here.

2)   Get hold of a copy of the new issue of Elephant, which features an interview with the Italian maestro.

Musco will also be in London for Frieze and will be shooting a brand-new work at Sunbeam Studio on 19 October.